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The Original Grant
Giving DAO

MolochDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, deployed on Ethereum mainnet. Members contribute capital with the sole intention of giving it all away to fund Ethereum infrastructure as an essential digital public good.

Whom Do You Serve?

The future of humanity requires the sacrifice of your shallow desires, but its reward is the head of Moloch himself.

This demon god of coordination failure, who consumes our future potential for perverse immediate gain, will be slain. Pledge your oath to his demise, or go down with him.


Member participation is vital to slaying web3 demons for the public good. Join us on Twitter and Discord to make your voice heard.

Be a Part of Something Meaningful️

Becoming a member of MolochDAO signals your commitment to fund regenerative infrastructure and digital public goods that will eventually lay the foundation for physical public goods.

Decentralized and open source, the voting power of every member helps the community make a meaningful impact.

Request Funding

MolochDAO has $1M+ to dispense every year. As a grant giving DAO, our sole purpose is to fund projects that make an impact to the Ethereum ecosystem. If you are contributing knowledge via research reports or building tools in service of the public good, we want to hear from you.

2021 Has Been Quite The Year!

Read our annual report to see what we’ve been up to in 2021, which projects we’ve funded and what you can expect in 2022.

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