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How to Join MolochDAO

You can join MolochDAO through several means:

  1. Pledge 10-100 wETH:\ Visit MolochDAO to pledge

  2. Share your proposal here & request sponsorship:\ Visit the MolochDAO Discourse forum

  3. Get DAO membership via a grant from MolochDAO:\ How to submit a funding proposal

  4. Get involved and do work for the DAO to earn your way in:

    Contact a member of the ReallyBoringGuild to discuss what you can offer

How do you work your way in?

After providing labor equivalent to one share (.4987 ETH at the time of this writing), members of ReallyBoringGuild will evaluate the efforts of the contributor and may invite them to submit a membership proposal to MolochDAO. The contributor will be required to pay tribute for their share to publicly demonstrate their willingness to sacrifice of themselves for the greater good (and have some skin in the game). This path relies on one’s own initiative and drive to get shit done and prove yourself via blood, sweat, and tears.

If you want to go this route DM @traviswyche or @annwillmott on telegram.

What do you recommend to get started?

  • Read through our mission and values, vision of Web 3, underlying beliefs
  • Join our Discord chat and familiarize yourself with our core values
  • Explain how you want to get involved!

After becoming a member by one of these three methods, one gains permission to submit proposals to fund projects or create guilds, participate in soft polls, and cast on-chain votes.