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Member Working Groups

At the time of this writing, there are no formal MolochDAO working groups beyond the ReallyBoringGuild focused on general operations and administration. We need to form them immediately to ensure the long-term decentralized sustainability of the DAO!

ReallyBoringGuild is currently doing everything. As a very small group of generalists, we do the best we can to attend to all the disparate areas of daily operations, but the fact of the matter is that each of these areas requires specialized focus. We suggest members consider the following guidelines in forming working groups:

BrainsStrategyActivate, deactivate, tune, and maintain strategies
FacilitatorsCurate DAO communityOutreach, onboarding, Discord/Discourse admin, marketing
Treasury ManagersSpend money well & grow the treasuryCreate budgets for contributors, grants, hiring, operations, or other workstreams; farm the treasury
TransactioneersOversee txnsWrite proposals, submit transactions, maintain records
OpsCoordinate contributorsCreate, deploy, modify, or terminate compensation, approve or remove signers