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Reciprocal Grant Delegates

Some communities distributing reciprocal grants to MolochDAO may request our participation in their dapp/protocol’s governance. In such cases, the DAO must elect a delegate to serve as the MolochDAO representative in their governance proceedings, to maintain relations between the two parties, and to vote on behalf of the interests of MolochDAO. A delegate may be an individual, a self-organized member committee, or a guild. If a group shares in the responsibilities of community relations they must still designate an individual to be held responsible for conveying essential information back to the DAO during monthly updates.

To incentivize more Moloch members to serve as delegates, delegates will be compensated $150/hr for their delegate duties via the ReallyBoringGuild operations budget. The delegate may be compensated via the reciprocal grant received by the DAO (tokens subject to current market value) or from a grant approved to an operational guild like RBG that is assigned this task. Delegates will be responsible for providing updates in the Moloch Monthly related to their activities and votes in the ecosystem.

MolochDAO currently maintains a reciprocal grant from UberHaus. 4000+ shares were airdropped to our xDAI MolochDAO clone in February 2021 and are currently staked on their platform in support of their vision to manifest a federated ecosystem of Moloch (protocol) DAOs. Travis Wyche has been serving as the UberHaus delegate since July, 2021 and members are encouraged to reach out to him with any questions/concerns they might have.