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Within the MolochDAO Discord, you’ll notice a suite of Categories each full of different sub-channels. Here’s what you need to know about each.


Public channels are available to everyone in the Discord. This offers a crossing ground for Apprentices and Guilders and is largely recreational. Guilders should keep a close eye on #projects as this is where Apprentices are earning their chops and contributing to better refine the Guild.

#🛬landing-padOpenWhere new visitors first land
#🤔get-involvedOpenNew members can express their interest in becoming involved in MolochDAO
#👁memes👁OpenShare your tasty Moloch-y tidbits to your hearts content!
#🔗links-and-shillsOpenLinks to other projects in the community
🔈🔥TownhallOpenA public voice channel where we conduct our Friday cocktail hour!
#📯announcementsMembers OnlyShare news and relevant events
#🧬generalMembers OnlyA place to discuss any random ol' thing that pops into your noggin
#🗳pollsMembers OnlyWhere we conduct polls to gather sentiment and soft consensus on proposals and issues
#🧐new-membersMembers OnlyWhere new members can introduce themselves and existing members can discuss members they would like to sponsor into the DAO
#📝proposal-discussionMembers OnlyAn internal discussion on the current proposals in teh grant pipeline. For extended public-facing discussion, please navigate to the Discourse forum
#🤝collaborationMembers OnlyMolochDAO members working together to make our DAO a better place
#🪝outreachMembers OnlyDiscussion of marketing, PR, and other public-facing initiatives
#🏹web-dev-designMembers OnlyFind a bug? Have an idea to make our website better? Start a thread in this channel
#💰treasury-managementMembers OnlyMembers discussing how to regenerate, grow, and sustain our shared treasury