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Proposal Process

What do we fund?

MolochDAO funds projects and individual researchers dedicated to the advancement of the Ethereum blockchain. This includes initiatives to improve Ethereum infrastructure as well as culture building projects that iterate upon the lore of a global scale, cryptographically secured, parallel computational network as the digital public good that will facilitate the preservation of physical public goods. Projects or thinkers dedicated to high-fidelity articulations of retroactive public goods funding are encouraged to reach out!

What do we not fund?

We don't fund developer tools.

We don't care about your shitcoin.

We love tools that facilitate active choice and illuminate those choices to the community, but we don't fund DAO tools.

We don't like degen vibes.

We're not just perversely incentivized to pump ETH in order to stack grips from the bullish rise; we remember crypto winter and know it will come again. MolochDAO advocates for a grander vision of the world and know that Ethereum will help us manifest the change we want to see.

Not Ethereum native? Not dedicated to radical solution to end the tragedy of the commons? Not willing to break all the rules in order to better understand who is ruling through them? Move along. We'll see you on the other side of the apocalypse.

How much funding is usually available?

We dispense $1,000,000+ per year to righteous punk-as-fuck projects. We hold 3 grant rounds per year (annual schedule TBD).

How do we support the projects we give grants to?

We are actively pursuing community building and support initiatives through strengthening our DAO-toDAO relations. We love what the folks at Panvala, Giveth, and Gitcoin are up to. We are radical optimists that are dedicated to supporting our projects with all the resources at our disposal. What do you need? Let us know how we can help make your project succeed!

Where can I read more about previous grants?

We are currently working on a comprehensive annual report of previously funded MolochDAO initiatives, as well as a repository for regular updates to current projects.

What is the process of getting funding?

  • Post your idea on the forums to get initial feedback from other community members; tweet at us, message us etc. We usually chat and provide very quick feedback in regards to whether the project would be in the scope of funding.
  • We’ll usually reach out to jump on a video call with you and within 2-3 days within the call determine if your project is a good fit.
  • Submit a proposal on-chain through the DAOHaus platform
  • If you get a strong yes signal from us, we’ll likely provide feedback and also have additional feedback for the project before we commit to a grant.

How to Submit a Proposal#

Project Title
Product Features
Differentiation (from other projects)
Grant Request $
What the Funds Are For
Help Requested
Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio
  1. Submit Here
  2. After you’ve submitted, schedule your pitch session.\ Contact the ReallyBoringGuild from our Discord server.