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🩸 WTF is MolochDAO?

Moloch DAO was deployed to the Ethereum blockchain on February 14, 2019. Its goal per the original whitepaper was to “to fund and further the development of public infrastructure related to Eth 2.0.” Since inception, Moloch has awarded ~$700,000 in grants ranging from projects like DApp Node, Ethereum Cat Herders, Tornado Cash, Lodestar, Lighthouse,, and multiple reports — State of Eth2.0 (2019), State of the Mixers (2019), State of Optimistic Rollup (Feb 2020), Eth2.0 Economic Review (July 2020).

We have also inspired Moloch members to design alternative funding systems such as Open Grants which currently has 3600 ETH allocated to Eth2.0 development.

The impact of Moloch as a DAO in servitude to Ethereum will be accelerated by funding a synergetic portfolio of projects and by cultivating an ecosystem of builders and thinkers that will collectively help make the projects we fund successful. That is the power of what a DAO model has to offer, as opposed to a traditional VC or foundation model.

This handbook illustrates the relationships and interdependencies of the key appendages of the Moloch DAO beast. The primary operational entities are distinguished between committees of DAO members and a guild (the ReallyBoringGuild) that orchestrates cooperative efforts with non-members.