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Navigating the Hub:#

  • Hub: See all DAOs you're a member of and notifications of recent activity.
  • Explore: Explore existing DAOs
  • Summon: Summon a new DAO
  • Help: Link to docs for users and developers
  • Links: Other helpful links for the community

Navigating within a DAO:#

  • Home: Overview of bank and recent activity
  • Proposals: Submit, view and vote on proposals
  • Bank: View asset balances and assets
  • Members: View members, their details, and recent activity
  • Settings: View DAO contract information and set metadata
  • Apps: View and add apps to get more superpowers for a DAO
  • Allies: View DAO on DAO membership, displays DAOs your DAO is a part of
  • Profile: View your profile page, only information relevant to you displays here
  • Community Links: Links to external community resources like chat, blog, website, etc