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Conflict Resolution

In the untimely event that a DAO member, guild member, or other contributing entity raises a grievance, that party has the right to enlist an impartial moderator to volunteer in overseeing the tension. The moderator may be a MolochDAO member or composed of a group of non-members fashioned as an impartial review council, subject to the approval of at least one DAO member not directly involved in the conflict.

The entities seeking resolution will be given an opportunity to present their case in the form of a written report that must include any essential evidence they wish to be taken into consideration. The grievance reports will be made accessible to the review council described above, who will be encouraged to review and comment upon the proceedings.

It is important to note that MolochDAO does not recognize a singular sovereign authority in such matters and shall encourage the offending parties to take it upon themselves to work out their own tensions in an orderly manner, serving only to provide impartial witness to the events and identify any gross conflicts of interest. If the conflict cannot be resolved within 30 days of being brought to the attention of the impartial review council, a vote may be called to aid in collecting member opinion on the matter. This vote will not be used to determine a verdict, especially concerning the internal governance operations of autonomous guilds, but may provide a recommendation for reconciliation to the parties in dispute.