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Community Meetings

There is one Really Boring ops sync meeting each week that we encourage all ReallyBoringGuild members to attend. This is also open to all MolochDAO members.

Every Friday is a MolochDAO happy hour. We strongly encourage you join for its cultural reconnaissance.

Members only:

  • ReallyBoringGuild Sync, Monday at 9AM MST (15:00 UTC)

Open to the public:

  • Happy-Hour, Friday at 4PM MST (22:00 UTC)

Quarterly Moloch Member Meetings #

Moloch member meetings will occur on a quarterly basis. Project delegates will be required to be present at the member meeting. They will provide an update to Moloch members on research or operational progress. The member delegate tasked with engaging in communities that have provided Moloch DAO with reciprocal grants will provide a brief update of current events and relevant agendas that affect the DAO.