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  • A new contributor begins at the base rate of 50/hr for the first 6 months or until the equivalent of 1 MolochDAO share is reached (=.4987 ETH at the time of this writing)
  • After the introductory period, the initiate may request an evaluation of their work by other ReallyBoringGuild and/or MolochDAO members. If they are deemed a valuable contributor, they compensation rate will increase to 75/hr and they may be invited to submit a membership proposal to the DAO, along with a tribute amount equivalent to one MolochDAO share.

Status Updates

Each RBG contributor will be assigned a dedicated status update page in the RBG-managed Notion project space to summarize their accomplishments from the previous week, detail plans for the current week, and determine their availability. This should be updated by Monday 08:00PST.

Payment Requests#

  • Payment requests should be submitted by 08:00PST on the first Monday of the month for the prior month's work. This will include the total number of hours worked in the pay period. Payment will be distributed at the monthly RBG multisig meeting that occurs on the first Tuesday of every month.
  • The payout threshold is 1000 DAI or the equivalent in ETH. Contributors that earn less than 1000 DAI will have their payments carried over into the next pay period. In the event that a contributor resigns from the RBG before reaching the 1000 DAI payment threshold they should make note of this status change in their final payment request to avoid delays.
  • Contributors have the choice to be paid in DAI or ETH, depending on the current treasury holdings. Hourly rates are determined in DAI. The ETH exchange rate is determined by current market values at the time of payment transfer, subject to the volatility of ETH.
  • Payment requests are reviewed by a member committee that has been delegated to the RBG multi-sig.

The following is pulled from DAOhaus' Warcamp working group and might serve to inform a dynamic compensation scheme in the future.

Value Level#

Levels are based on expected value delivered to MolochDAO. This is a fuzzy concept which does not and should not have a precise definition. It can, however, be measured by one or more of the following depending on the context: experience, skill, ability, talent, knowledge, etc..

Contributors self-assess their starting level and level up by contributing more through RBG.

Level 1: Novice

For example:

  • New to crypto, web3, and DAOs
  • Some experience within their area(s) of interest
  • Just beginning to gain knowledge

Level 2: Learning

For example:

  • Some experience with crypto, web3, and DAOs
  • Moderate experience within their area(s) of interest
  • A little knowledgeable

Level 3: Solid

For example:

  • Experienced in crypto, web3, and/or DAOs
  • A couple years of experience in their area(s) of interest
  • Pretty knowledgeable
  • Shows promise, but needs practice and refinement

Level 4: Expert

For example:

  • Expert in crypto, web3, and/or DAOs
  • Many years of experience in their area(s) of interest
  • Very knowledgeable
  • Very talented

Level 5: Master

For example:

  • Mastery in crypto, web3, and/or DAOs
  • Recognized leader in their area(s) of interest
  • Extremely knowledgeable
  • Highly talented

Commitment Level#

Levels are based on the commitment the contributor makes to RBG. Like value, commitment is a fuzzy concept which does not and should not have a precise definition. It can, however, be measured by one or more of the following depending on the context: time, dedication, focus, prioritization, effort, etc.

Contributors select their own commitment level, as a percentage of the highest level (Full Commitment)

100% (aka “Full Commitment”)

For example,

  • Full time: 35-40+ hrs/week
  • MolochDAO is top priority
  • MolochDAO is the main point of focus*
  • Willing to go above and beyond to make MolochDAO succeed

And some examples of lower commitment levels:

Example Level: 50%

For example,

  • Half time: ~20 hrs/week
  • MolochDAO is 1st or 2nd priority
  • Focus split across a few projects

Example Level: 15%

For example,

  • Fractional time: 5-10 hrs/week
  • MolochDAO is 3rd, 4th, or even 5th priority
  • Focus split across many projects

*We encourage contributors to save some time for themselves to explore and collaborate around the greater ecosystem.


Base Compensation Amounts#

Monthly Base Compensation Max (Value Level 5; 100% Commitment): ==$12,000==

  • Lower Value levels drop off from there
  • Lower Commitment levels (eg 50%) are simple percentages of the max

Self-Assessment Form

At genesis, each commitment track contributor fills out a form to set the following for the next two months:

  1. self-assess their Value Level
  2. set a Commitment Level %
  3. identify the circles they (wish to) contribute to
  4. Sign off on MolochDAO/RBG mission and values

This process is repeated again by each contributor every 2 months to reassess.

Buddy System

Each commitment track contributor must have a buddy.

Prior to filling out the self-assessment form, buddies should meet to review and discuss the following:

  • Self-assessments
  • Community health
  • Any other concerns, recognitions, or points of order to raise with RBG