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We are always looking for quality contributors that can help us improve our operations. We are particularly interested in hearing from individuals with the following skill sets:

Grant Strategists

This circle is fascinated by tokenomics, providing critical insights and feedback to ReallyBoringGuild on how it can improve our own microeconomies.

Community Strategists

They work to coordinate all of the circles in ReallyBoringGuild. Community Strategists make sure MolochDAO is on track with its scheduled grant pipeline as outlined in the roadmap, and they continuously provide feedback to the different circles based on information they gather.


This circle is focused on growing MolochDAO and spreading the gospel of our left-hand path. Marketeers keep communications flowing and are dedicated to engaging with the wider community of DAOs through community events, podcasts, newsletters, and social media.


Do you dream of the Ethereum world computer? Are you obsessed with ruminating upon the ethical comportments of crypto radicals and DAOists? Do you have some profound thoughts on how humanity can unfuck our imagination to stop our incessant race to the bottom, successfully coordinate beyond these multipolar traps, and prevent our values from being thrown under the bus? We would like to hear from you!