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Style Guide

1. Structure

All of the documentation is written in Markdown, a lightweight markup language for creating formatted text using a plain-text-editor.

Here is a nice CheatSheet for Markdown that you can use when making changes to the documentation.

If you like, another common tool we use in MolochDAO is If you prefer not to adopt the github flow, please share a hackmd with changes in #proof-of-work

We are using Github Issues to help bring contributors in, ensuring we uphold the integrity and quality of our documentation as we iterate.

2. Grammar

We use US English in our documentation

3. Commonly troublesome words

TermWhat it refers to?Not how we spell it
DAODecentralised autonomous organisationsdao
MolochDAOThe MolochDAO community in generalMoloch, Moloch
UberHausDAO of DAOs, governing DAOhausUberhaus
DecentralizedSpread out, not concentratedDecentralised

If there are common phrases or terms you do not understand that need to be written or contributed on, check out our glossary!

4. Style, Voice & Tone

  1. Do not write in first person singular (me, i, etc.)
  2. Write positively
  3. Be concise
  4. Write in active voice as much as possible
  5. Be clear & avoid jargon
  6. When jargon is necessary, use simple language to explain.
  7. Write acronyms in full when it is used first in a page
  8. Provide screenshots and visual aids where possible
  9. Refrain from tagging people without approval
  10. Pay attention to your audience

5. Non-text Contribution Formats


Work in progress

  • Screenshots
    • Dimensions:
    • Dos & Don'ts
  • Video Tutorials