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Working on Docs

How to contribute to Moloch Docs?

As the MolochDAO's documentation's code lives on Github, you will be required to use Github and Markdown to contribute to documentation.

Are you new to contributing and submitting PRs to open-source projects? This link from FreeCodeCamp is a good place to start.

For you to contribute to MolochDAO docs, these are the steps:

1. Go to MolochDAO website's Github to look for open issues


2. Select an issue & comment on the issue thread to let us know you're working on it


Above is an example

Issue "Can a DAO member request loot?"

3. Fork the daohaus-website repo

4. Create a new branch with the naming convention "edit/issue-ID "

In the above example, the issue's ID is #24, so the branch should be issue-24

5. Make the changes on your branch

6. Once you are done, commit and push the changes onto edit/issue-ID branch on your own repository

7. Submit a Pull Request to HausDAO's daohaus-website repository

8. Reviewers / moderators will review the changes, ensuring that answers are (1) accurate (2) adhering to our style guide (below)

9. Once both criteria are passed, your changes will be approved, merged a

Working with HackMD#

In order to contribute to Moloch docs, you will need to be able to write with Markdown syntax. It's extremely easy to learn. Use this cheat sheet to get started.If you have no experience cloning and working on a repository, you can make your edits or additions in HackMD and then create an issue in GitHub that contains the Markdown copy. Just create a profile on Discord, and that can be linked to create a HackMD account.Here's how to contribute using issues:

1. Create an issue in

2. Title your proposed changes - Make it clear what you are editing or adding.3. Paste the changes directly from your HackMD into the 'Write' section.4. Click 'Submit new issue'.

Editing through the documentation UI#

Another simple way to contribute is through the built in 'Edit on GitHub' button that you will see on all pages of Moloch docs. For this, you won't need to use HackMD at all, just make sure to have a GitHub account.

1. Find the 'Edit on GitHub' button on the top right of the docs page.

2. Find the pencil button on the GitHub page that opens. It will say 'Edit the file in your fork of this project'

3. From here, you will be able to edit any of the copy. Once you're finished, give your changes a title and a description at the bottom and 'Propose Changes'

4. After you 'Propose changes' GitHub will create a branch of the yearn-docs repository for you and show a summary of the changes you made. If everything looks right and complies with the Writing Style Guide, click 'Create pull request'5. In your pull request (PR), give enough context about your changes for the repo admin to understand why they should be accepted. Afterwards, click 'Create pull request' and the admins will either merge, deny or make a comment.