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ReallyBoringGuild Overview

MolochDAO currently requires a lot of organizational labor, custodial care, and administrative housekeeping to keep the group running smoothly. The ReallyBoring operational guild handles the day-to-day procedures that include (but are not limited to): marketing, website maintenance, public relations, social media, outreach, branding, graphic design, planning member meetings, copyediting and conceptually clarifying DAO agendas, and even maintaining the handbook you are now reading.

ReallyBoringGuild is a provisional working group of MolochDAO. We have identified a need to radically decentralized MolochDAO in order to release the cultural and economic value back into the ecosystem. RBG does not speak on behalf of Moloch. RBG is not a DAO. RBG is ephemeral. RBG may be absorbed back into the DAO once we have achieved our goals of designing an open-source administration and core infrastructure to support the ongoing grant pipeline.#

The RBG is really not so boring, but consists of a dynamically changing group of proactive people spread all over the world that share in the common desire to learn more about the Ethereum blockchain and contribute their efforts towards making the DAO run more efficiently with whatever their specialized skill set might be. As the original MolochDAO guild providing infrastructural labor for community operations, the RBG has opted to delegate the financial distributions of its contributors to the purview of a member committee. This committee maintains the RBG multisig in order to maintain economic transparency with the rest of the MolochDAO member community.

RBG encourages strategic grant making within the DAO and secures funding for the necessary labor required for a high-functioning community to power the engine of collaboration, funding, and knowledge sharing.

👹The DAO continuing to fund ReallyBoringGuild is a signal of approval that the work the guild is doing is adding value. ReallyBoringGuild continuing to apply to the DAO for funding is a signal that the DAO is adding value to the members of the ReallyBoringGuild. 👹#

Upon being awarded a MolochDAO grant and receiving the corresponding shares, the guild retained autonomy over their award. The guild determines the quantity - if any - of shares that will be burned to provide WETH liquidity for their operations. The guild determines their own governance protocols, budget distributions, and delegates to participate in soft polling and on-chain voting scenarios.

RBG attends to activities that help improve MolochDAO as a whole. This includes (but is not limited to) such activities as growing the MolochDAO ecosystem by iterating on strategy, organizing member meetings and polls, budgeting, community management, etc.

Any discrepancy or dispute that may arise between RBG and the DAO should be resolved between members. A member committee may be assigned or formed to mediate a meeting, but does not serve as a judiciary in determining a verdict in such cases. It is the responsibility of members to carefully review and critique RBG jurisdiction.

RBG cannot submit research initiatives that reach beyond the purview of their operations, as stated in their initial guild application reviewed by members. If RBG identifies a potential for new research they may coordinate with a currently funded project to disseminate their findings or broadcast a call for the creation of a grant initiative, but should not dedicate resources awarded for operational activities towards this new research.

RBG stems from the initial operations guild proposal submitted in January 2021 by stellarmagnet.