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What Moloch is not#

  1. Moloch is not a company. It does not have a board. There is no CEO, there is no team of managers. There is no room for bureaucrats.
  2. Moloch does not have investors. There are no VCs, no angels, no SPACs, and no SPVs that are pulling the strings in the background.
  3. Moloch does not cater to speculators. Pump it, dump it, hedge it, short it, long it, lend it, nobody cares. Moloch is agnostic to price.
  4. Moloch does not have an official voice. There’s no legal entity, there’s no foundation, no copyright, no patent, no central authority to stamp announcements with official seals from some great leader.

What Moloch is#

  1. Moloch is Ethereum. We believe Ethereum is more than a Ponzi scheme riding the coattails of cypherpunk. This infrastructure is changing the world and we will break our backs to keep it running.
  2. Moloch stands for public goods. Ethereum is a digital public good that will someday facilitate protecting and nurturing our material public goods. Ethereum is the gwei.
  3. Moloch is punk as fuck. Kill yr idols, practice careful and critical civil disobedience, just say no to degenerates. We can take a punch to the face and still remain optimistic that we can manifest this world to be better, much better.
  4. Moloch is constantly evolving. What MolochDAO is today may not be what it is tomorrow. (If it is we are failing.) What you do after reading this may change Moloch forever. It’s up to you. 🤘🏽👹🤘🏽