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Mercenaries of

Help beat the tragedy of the commons, with collective action for the public good.

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

MolochDAO is a grant giving decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where every member has voting power, as opposed to a small group of investors making all the decisions.

As a group of resilient optimists, who laugh in the face of Moloch and display battle scars with pride, members contribute their own capital to fund projects that further the development of public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem.

We exist to eliminate societal patterns of optimizing for the individual at the cost of the collective.

The demon, Moloch, prevents collective action, misaligning individual incentives with what is beneficial for all of humanity.

MolochDAO provides funding in the form of grants for digital public infrastructure. An individual’s cost to develop this infrastructure is disproportionate to how they will benefit from it, which is why members reject any intention for investment return.

In incentivizing coordination with grant funding, the DAO will slay the demon.

So You Still Want to Join?

Do you have what it takes to slay the demon who falsely promises the actualization of your shallow desires for power and wealth?

I thought so!

There are a few ways to join our DAO:


Pledge 10-100 wETH

Visit MolochDAO to pledge


Share your proposal here & request sponsorship

Visit the MolochDAO Discourse forum

How to submit a funding proposal

Get DAO membership via a grant from MolochDAO

How to submit a funding proposal


Get involved and do work for the DAO to earn your way in

Contact a member of the ReallyBoringGuild

How To Get Started

  1. Read through our mission and values, vision of Web 3, and underlying beliefs.
  2. Join our Discord chat and familiarize yourself with our core values.
  3. Tell us how you want to get involved!